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A & K Supplies Inc. was founded in 1994. Over the short period of time A & K Supplies Inc. became one of the main suppliers of blades, parts, units and custom works for paint brush, paint roller and industrial brush manufacturers. The technical expertise and continuous research has allowed us to guarantee high quality and more advance technology in brush and roller manufacturing industry. Continually collaboration with our customers from all over the world helps us to improve the technology we supply in order to satisfy all the particular requirements of each customer.
Knowing the difficulty of the flag ability of solid, cross-section and heavy wall hollow filaments, we are proud to be the first to design and introduce new three wings flagging blades to the industry. The uniqueness of these blades is that they are sharpened internally and they can be assembled by making them three or six wings.

We have also introduced our hard to make new six wings chisel blades which will cut synthetic filaments much smoother and will last longer. One has to try it to see the difference.

We believe the existing chisel blades mounting units are good for natural bristles but they have difficulties to stand hard to trim synthetic filaments. So to eliminate fluctuations in between rotary and stationary blades for hard to trim synthetic hollow filaments we redesigned it to , new heavy duty housing, heavy duty hardened shaft and additional supporting plate to rotary blade. It disassembles with just one screw.

Our new designed roller finishing machine RFM1-1 in one hour can produce 5760 pcs 9" and 17280 pcs 3" finished rollers.

Our new 3" (72 mm) wide roller beveller units and new air pressure or static disk blade cutters can be mounted almost on any existing roller finishing machines. This is an other example of our innovative works.

Aiming to ensure the best quality and service, A&K Supply Inc. proudly continues to serve to most paint brush and paint roller manufacturers all over the world by keeping majority of the parts in stock.

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